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MudSlide is a liquid concrete pumping aid that is currently being used throughout the world as the premium choice in primers and pumping aids. The MudSlide mixture will form a thick, slippery substance that is poured ahead of the primer port prior to pumping. The mixture will adhere to the inside of the pump and hose to reduce friction and speed up pumping. Say goodbye to the lugging around those bags of cement to get a prime and clearing time costing line restrictions.

MudSlide is conveniently packaged in 3 ounce plastic bottles that are easily added on the job site to 5 to 15 gallons of water. The water and MudSlide are thoroughly mixed and then added ahead of the concrete. This mixture should be adjusted to find the ideal consistency that will work best for your pumping situation.

MudSlide Liquid Primer is completely environmentally safe and contains no soaps, bentonites, nitrites, or air-entraining materials. It is specifically formulated to be completely compatible with all cementitious materials and all types of pumps.

“In the fifteen years I have been pumping, I have never used a pumping aid as good as MudSlide.
I would recommend MudSlide to anyone looking to save time and money.”

-Chad Harlan- Portland, OR

“MudSlide is a great product and I could not be happier with the results.
I can normally get 3 pumpings out of ONE 3 oz. bottle of MudSlide!”

-Danny Lyons- Xtreme Concrete Pumping - Raleigh, NC

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