MudSlide Liquidprimer
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Shake the MudSlide bottle well before using. MudSlide is usually mixed either in buckets or in the hopper of the concrete pump. The exact mixture is dependent upon the unique pumping requirements for each pumping situation. However, generally one bottle of MudSlide is adequate for between five and fifteen gallons of water. Mix the MudSlide and water for approximately 3 minutes or until the mixture has become uniform. Add this mixture into the pump ahead of the concrete. Testing should be done to determine the suitability and amount of MudSlide for your specific pumping needs.

Using MudSlide with pumps with a primer port just pour mixture into primer port just before pumping.

Using MudSlide with pumps to be primed through a hopper, fill the hopper with water to charge intake ports and then pour MudSlide mixture into the system ahead of the concrete.

Using MudSlide for priming straight into the hopper, fill the hopper with water to charge intake ports. Add MudSlide into hopper and cycle the pump in reverse for about 20 stokes and then charge
prime into the system ahead of the concrete.

MudSlide should be stored in a dry location protected from breakage, deterioration, and contamination. MudSlide freezes at 5º F or -15º C. Caution should be exercised in the case of a spill, as material is extremely slippery.

Warning: Mudslide is not intended to be a concrete admixture and is not intended to be added to concrete, although trace amounts have shown to have negligible effects on pumped concrete. The initial charge should be discarded outside the pour area and any disposal should be in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

While this product is safe and biodegradable, it may be a safety hazard if spilled or misused on the job site. Always be sure to rinse contacted skin and wash clothing before wearing again.
The responsibility of UCI for claims arising out of breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, or otherwise is limited to the purchase price of the Mudslide product used.

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